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8/13/07 3:36:42PM
hey guys me and madmark are going to be starting a raido show soon here and we need to come up with a name. so help us out let see what you guys can come up with.
8/13/07 5:02:26PM
It's the one about boxing right?
8/13/07 6:04:06PM
nope it's on mma. alot is going to touch on canada. but i think we are still going to talk on up coming events still.
8/13/07 7:27:38PM
Thats cool, i remember someone was trying to form a boxing radio show. Your show isnt on this site is it? that would be rad

Anyway some names off the top of my head:

The Flying Knee
MMA Mayhem
The MMA Militia
The Mount
8/13/07 8:56:44PM
no it's not going to be but that would be sick if they did have one. good names but i think we want it to hav e somethign to do with being out of canada.
8/14/07 12:02:16PM
Maybe something along the lines of "The MMA Rush"? Got that idea from GSP's nickname considering he's a Canadian fighter.
8/14/07 12:13:09PM
M, M, EH!
8/14/07 1:26:20PM
Some ideas:

-Full Mounties
(maybe a bit too much like the Full Monty though...)

-The Great Fight North
(like the classic Great White North)

-Canadian Clinch or Canuck Clinch or Choke...

-Sasquatch Sprawl

-Maple Sweep (or Maple something?)

or something like TKO - Total Kanadian Overview

Ought to get the ball rollin...
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