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6/20/09 1:42:55AM

Who wants to make a run at a top camp badge for Season 6?

If you are willing to make picks for every match on the fight cards for Season 6...

If you are wanting to join in some side events during the season between camp members...

... then join the "Rage In The Cage" fight camp. If you are wanting to help out in organizing some of the side events, PM me after joining and I'll get you started on what we have planned.

Looking for active members who want to be part of an aggressive camp for a focused Season 6 attack!

6/23/09 9:58:29PM
Starting with UFC100 we are going to have a bracket challenge like NCAA basketball. Member with the most points for an event moves on to the next round :-p
7/3/09 4:59:01PM

We have room for a few more for the bracket challenge to start with UFC 100

Shoot me a PM, or join via the camp page link.
8/23/09 5:14:45PM

We have two spots open to join before UFC102. This challenge will be run for three events. We are going to start a survivor game after UCF102 too.

PM me for an invite, or use the link on our camp page.
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