Rafael 'Feijao' Cavalcante vs. Igor Pokrajac joins UFC Fight Night 32 lineup

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9/5/13 4:38:32PM
A light-heavyweight bout between Rafael Cavalcante (11-4 MMA, 0-1 UFC) and Igor Pokrajac (25-10 MMA, 4-5 UFC) is the latest addition to November's recently announced UFC Fight Night 32 event.

9/5/13 4:44:41PM
Feijao should take this is one he is the better fighter but that doesnt mean shit these days
9/5/13 4:44:43PM
I actually like this fight. But it puts both fighters in a tough spot.

For Pokrajac, he's lost 2 in a row to Vinny Magalhaes and Ryan Jimmo. It would be 3 in a row but the Joey Beltran loss was overturned.

And for Feijao, he lost his UFC debut against Thiago Silva. I actually think Feijao can pull this one off.
9/5/13 5:13:51PM
This one probably won't be going the distance
9/5/13 7:22:41PM
I think someone will be knocked out in this fight.
9/5/13 8:28:28PM
Feijao takes this easily. He's fought and beaten tougher competition
9/5/13 9:17:47PM
Probably loser leaves town match
9/5/13 9:38:21PM
I honestly thought Cavalcante would MURDER T. Silva, and then he gassed out in less then half a round and now I'm super hesitant picking him ever again. I couidn't believe how bad his gas tank was, Pokrjac has the chin to survive an early onslaught so he would be a nice little fight to bet on.
9/5/13 11:26:21PM
Surprised Igor is still around. Rafael has a solid shot in this one. Octagon jitters may have played a role in him gassing out but hopefully it's all sorted out here and he shows everyone what he's capable of
9/6/13 1:32:19AM
I guess so, I want one of them to be pink slipped on a dramatic note though so I will be rooting for Calvacante, then if we could get Te Huna to fight the winner that would be awesome!
9/6/13 6:31:00AM
I really like cavalcante here