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12/16/07 10:31:10AM
Radev Is not a bad wresler and i think there is a good chance he could win(even though i took lister) but i put 150 dollars on Radev and if he wins i get 900! What dose everyone else think about this, personally i think it would be stupid to not put money on Radev when he is getting odds like that.
12/16/07 1:07:10PM
Honestly, I think you just lost 150 bucks. Radev is a great wrestler, but lister has improving standup and world class submissions, I'm not doubting that Radev will get him down, but I doubt he'll be able to control him on the ground, I see Lister wining this fight with a first round submission, probally a rear naked choke.
12/16/07 1:22:53PM
i picked Lister but i wouldn't be suprised if Radev takes it, plus worst case senario is i lose 150$ or i win 900$ i don't know how u couldn't put money on radev.
12/16/07 3:54:15PM
Those are some of the most skewed odds ever, and you'd be a fool not to take that gamble. Radev is an olympic level wrestler with decent striking, and Lister has a tendency to gas and be too passive in his fights. I'm not saying Radev is guarenteed a win, but I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls off a Un. Decision victory over a gassed Lister.
12/16/07 4:03:57PM
Couldn't agree more the risk is soooo worth the reward.
12/16/07 4:13:49PM
I picked Lister, but im betting everything i have on Radev because of those odds!!! I honestly think Lister has possibly the worst stand up in the UFC.
12/16/07 7:05:02PM
I'd agree, unless Pe De Pano is still under contract.
12/16/07 9:24:03PM
Lister is coming off the fight with Marquardt who was the #1 contender and Radev is coming off a quick, brutal Ko from Drew Mcfedries so I can see why the odds would be in Deans favor but you have the potential to make a lot of money on Radev here.
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