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10/13/08 1:18:51PM
It had been nine months since Benji "Razor" Radach competed in mixed martial arts when he stepped into the cage to face Murilo "Ninja" Rua at EliteXC "Heat" on Oct. 4. Slated to kick off the third installment of EliteXC on CBS, Radach delivered, knocking out Rua at the 2:31 mark of the second round.

"It was amazing. We definitely got it going," the middleweight fighter told MMAWeekly.com. "I just wanted to get right in his face and see what it was all about. You know what I mean? See what he was all about. And he's a tough dude."

Radach came out of the gate firing, stunning Rua with punches and looked as if he may get an early finish. Rua weathered the early onslaught and survived the round, inflicting his fair share of damage on Radach as well.

"Everything that I threw seemed to find it's home. It was hitting him, and some huge impacts. I couldn't believe, like I would see him stagger. He was hurt," said Radach. "He was looking through me instead of at me. I would go for a finishing shot and miss, and he'd have his bearings right back. He had such good composure."

10/13/08 1:49:50PM
I expected that. Ninja hasn't beaten anyone that is a good fighter.
10/13/08 2:25:09PM

Posted by zephead

I expected that. Ninja hasn't beaten anyone that is a good fighter.

I knew Radach would win this fight....As you said Ninja hasn't really beaten any top tier fighters and i knew his chin was suspect.....I got full points on that one....
Radach should have a good impact on that division.....
10/13/08 3:12:35PM
lawler vs. Radach would be interresting.
10/13/08 5:40:21PM
Fight Of The Year Candidate.

Both Fighters are very similar. Supreme Striking abilities with some chin. Gonna be an all out war.
10/13/08 5:41:32PM
I think Lawler vs Radach will be better than Lawler vs Smith 1 or 2.

It's going to be a bigger war.
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