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7/7/09 2:39:35PM
I have an idea to set up a new league. I will look to get this set up for UFC 100.

I will set a deadline of July 10th for players. There is no limit on how many people enter. The way it will work is that there will be divisions of 10. Starting from Division 1 working down to the division that covers all the players. If any one wants to join after it has started I will add them in at the lowest division so they can work them selves up at the start of the following season.

Everyone will play every player once in there division which means after 9 events a new season will start.

In head to head games it will work on points alone. 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw and 0 pts for a loss.

If players are on level points in the table it will work on points difference. Much like in the football (soccer) league tables.

At the end of the season we will have a div 1 champion. The bottom 3 in division 1 will be relegated to the next division. In each division lower there will be the top 3 promoted and the bottom 3 will be relegated.

If you are interested then please sign up. I will do all the fixtures and results. I personally think this will be fun.

Div 1

Tuvok500 #8
Trunkhouse #10
emfleek #16
kaskd #28
grappler0000 #35
D0wnund6e6r #71
Basshandsome #93
Jackelope #130
breakdown5 #141
Haggy #141

Div 2

Kpro #147
ExMilkman #153
mkiv9secsupra #194
Whardin19 #245
Mayhem13 #301
FlashyG #301
Nitrus #301
wrona666 #301
cowcatcher #315
bojangalz #346

Div 3

gspfan #445
Chuckw94 #455
The_Ho_Bag #464
SpiderSilva #483
fizzle #529
rabbit915 #538
lohmann #662
kopower #662
tattflash #799

Div 4

hatebreed04 #863
Pookie #915
1daveufc #946
Rabi #1008
simmy #1363
Khaos #1494
Southside11 #1576
King_Katool #2778
sclasclemski #4474
DirtyBoxer #5363
7/7/09 2:41:56PM
Why not?
7/7/09 2:43:21PM
Sure. Sign me up.

Oh and feel free to change your screen name to Milton Bradley.
7/7/09 2:44:33PM
I'm in so far the King of England couldn't pull me out.
7/7/09 2:46:51PM
I'm in it, to win it!
7/7/09 2:47:51PM
sign me up
7/7/09 2:50:39PM
I don't get it, but I'm in.
7/7/09 2:52:09PM
sounds good, i'm in!
7/7/09 2:57:03PM
Sign me up.
7/7/09 2:58:42PM
Why the hell not
7/7/09 3:08:14PM
im in
7/7/09 3:11:45PM
put me down... what the hell.
7/7/09 3:12:29PM
Who is Milton Bradley?
7/7/09 3:13:02PM
I'll join
7/7/09 3:13:03PM
I"m in.
7/7/09 3:13:13PM
the board game company, you are the official side game starter of the playground.
7/7/09 3:15:56PM
count me in.
7/7/09 3:16:27PM
Im in!!
7/7/09 3:33:20PM
Thats true. I just love this side to it. Makes it more fun for me and others as well i hope.
7/7/09 3:51:43PM
The side games also keep the forum more active so in turn the playground is just that much more fun
7/7/09 4:01:05PM
I'll play in this one for sure.

Great Idea Rabi
7/7/09 4:09:04PM
Throw me in there, sucka! The less work I have to do the better, and this game seems like it's just plug and play, lol
7/7/09 4:12:02PM
Me and Tuvok will join it too
7/7/09 4:18:07PM
Thanks flashyG.
7/7/09 4:44:20PM

Posted by lohmann

I don't get it, but I'm in.

I'm with my partner lohman on this. Sign a O.G. up.

Posted by Rabi

Who is Milton Bradley?

7/7/09 6:18:01PM
I'm in
7/7/09 6:50:07PM
Not idea of what your meaning, but add me in
7/7/09 6:58:17PM
Seems like a cool idea, Sign me up please.
7/7/09 8:22:07PM
Consider this my entrance application....
7/8/09 2:21:56AM
count me in
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