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1/28/07 1:25:06AM
Anyone got some questions for whitehead I nailed the interview
1/28/07 5:39:14AM
were you more affected by the staph infection or did you just freeze on TUF 2? Also, now that you've officially fought in the UFC will you be back or are you sticking with the IFL? Are you stilla part of Militech?
1/28/07 11:15:10AM
how did you get to compete with Don Fyres Team in the IFL? do you still train with jermey horn at elite performance?
PS your fight with Kerr was impressive.
1/29/07 1:24:39PM
Did Mark Kerr seem roided up or was his figure "natural"?
1/30/07 11:35:57AM
On TUF you seemed to stepped up in helping people get ready for their fights, your training ethics seem to be a motivation tool for others. When your career is over do you see yourself starting a camp? What expectations do you have for yourself during your career? How much longer do you anticipate you'll fight? Good Luck Mike! Love your attitude and abilities!
1/30/07 12:02:47PM
You've been on a winning streak! 8 wins in '06. What does the year '07 hold in store for you? If you had your choice to take on Brandon Vera again, what would you do diffrently?
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1/30/07 7:46:20PM
so many people are obessed with the game they dont check out these forums its sad.
War Mike. War.
2/2/07 6:57:28PM
What do you view as your biggest accomplishment and what more would you like to accomplish?

Would you accept an offer from PIRDE to fight on the US cards or even Japan?

Who do view as your most valuable training partner?

2/2/07 6:59:59PM
Also, has PRIDE contacted you to fight in their organization?

Whats the difference between the Mike Whitehead who didn't do so hot in the UFC and the Mike Whitehead with six straight wins and an execution of Mark Kerr?
2/8/07 11:37:28PM
mike, are you going to be competing for the CFC heavyweight belt here in orlando, fl? or have injuries and contractual obligations opted you out of the fight with sauer? i was really looking forward to it after the destruction of buchovich.. let me know
2/9/07 3:04:56PM
I remember back on TUF 2 Rashad wasn't thought to do well, so when Mike lost to him everyone thought he lost to some flash in the pan can. So my question is if he feels much better about that loss now that everyone is seeing how good Evans really is?
2/11/07 7:52:44PM

Posted by chubbud22

Anyone got some questions for whitehead I nailed the interview

what is his personal impression of Dana White?

(this need only be answered if he's not going to fight in UFC any time soon for obvious reasons!)
2/13/07 1:19:22PM
Do you enjoy fighting in a cage or a ring more and why if you do like one better?
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