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4/2/08 1:00:28AM
Just saw the fight, and at the end of the 10th, Marquez's Cut Man put some sorta thread in the cut above his right eye. just wondering if anyone knew what it is, or what its for, or if its legal. Just wondering cuz im sorta new to this stuff.
4/2/08 1:24:46AM
It's a cut substance used in the late nineties then forgotten. I forget what it's called, I think it's supposed to hold the cut shut as well as coagulate. It's a mexican thing.
4/2/08 2:44:15AM
Like most quick fixes, it probably causes brutal scar tissue too. Not good for a long career.
4/2/08 3:20:46AM
I haven't yet seen the fight but it's most likely avitene. It coagulates the blood as was said above.
4/2/08 3:26:04AM
i remember that... looked like a rubber band
4/4/08 7:57:19AM
Yeah I remember that cut. You couldve put your entire finger in it. And yes thats a legal substance to use.
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