Quotes From Monday's UFC Press Conference Annoucing Georges St. Pierre as Matt Serra's Replacement

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11/27/07 10:29:51AM
The following are quotes from Monday's UFC press conference:

Dana White: "If this were boxing, the event would've been canceled.I have nothing but respect for these two [Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre] for stepping up. Nobody was knocking down our door to fight Hughes on short notice, except for St. Pierre."

11/27/07 10:45:14AM
For the lazy folks, who don't have an hour to burn
11/27/07 11:09:26AM
In a way, I wanted to see Hughes/Serra, because I wanted Serra to win so GSP could have a rematch with Serra and beat him. However, this is a better match. This will be the third time they've fought. The first time, GSP was doing well until he got caught in an arm bar. The second, GSP dominated.
I think this time, they both kind of know what to expect from the other and it will be interesting to see what their game plans are. Will GSP use his kicks, or be afraid of being taken down if he does? However, GSP has showed how good of a wrestler and grappler he is against a few opponents including Sherk and Kos. This will be a damn good fight and I wish Serra a speedy recovery.
If GSP beats Hughes, I doubt they'll let Hughes fight Serra when he gets healthy, therefore GSP may get that rematch, and then the next contenders should be either Karo or Fitch. Maybe they could fight for the next shot.
11/27/07 11:46:16AM
I suspect that at the end of the day, we're only going to see serra/hughes or gsp/serra. Whoever wins between gsp/hughes still has to unite the titles with serra.. its probably gonna be a much closer fight than people are thinking, and whoever wins that fight is going to absolutely destroy serra. For me.. seeing gsp vs hughes in a 5 round war and seeing serra's b*tchass get punished into retirement is all i wanted to see.
11/27/07 11:47:41PM
I agree that whoever wins will destryo serra.I tihnk most people do. My money, well i'm not sure enough to bet on it, but at least my pick is set for GSP.
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