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9/5/08 10:48:29AM

Regarding Fedor Fight:

"That's the Fight I wanted, If that Cant Happen, it Doesnt make sense for me to compete with all these other guys"

**** well now he's fighting Lesnar and 2 UFC fighters more in the Future***

Regarding his Relationship with the UFC:

"Im Tired of being taken advatange of, Played as a Nice Guy and basically swimming against the current with the management of the UFC. I dont need the problems, I dont feel like I get the respect I deserve from this Organization"

*****Welcome back to the UFC****
9/5/08 12:10:13PM
Sh** changes, people change. The UFC forced his hand, now he's singing a different tune. That's the way it goes.
9/5/08 1:36:33PM
Thanks for the video that was cool
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