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10/7/08 4:10:00PM
I think it's going to be real fun." "Cote is going to come out and stand up with me and it will be exciting and entertaining. He's going to hit me and I'm going to hit him a few times and we'll see what happens."

"I believe in every opponent there are some weak points that I can capitalize on." "He may find some weak points in my game where he can capitalize on me, but I am very confident and I'm training very hard. I think Patrick Cote is right: I am beatable."

"I believe the confidence that Patrick Cote has is a good thing." "Every fighter should be confident and the same way he's confident I'm confident. If Cote thinks he's going to knock me out or submit me in the third round that's a good thing to think that. But there is an opportunity that he might get knocked out or submitted. I believe everybody is beatable and that's what makes this sport so interesting."


10/7/08 4:13:29PM
3rd round, I don't see this fight making it out of the first but if it does then it will end in the second.
10/7/08 4:15:40PM
Looking forward to a great underrated main event in which Anderson wins but Cote makes it past round 2. I'll say Anderson by Sub in round 3 after getting hit too much.
10/7/08 5:20:35PM
Anderson is such a classy guy... it truly is hard not to like the guy. I hope he sticks around for a long time. Good luck Cote, i'll be pulling for ya, but I'm not holding my breath for ya.
10/7/08 5:30:20PM
Anderson is a true professional. i hope Cote puts up a good fight and it's a war. But i don't see it going past the 2 minuite mark.
10/7/08 6:29:14PM
I am hoping cote wins just so anderson sticks around a bit longer.
10/7/08 6:32:02PM
It won't make it out of the first two rounds, and IMO, it'll end in the first. I do think that Cote doesn't necessarily get the respect he deserves, but Silva is just too much for him. Cote, IMO, can't beat Franklin, and sure as heck can't beat Silva. But in this sport, anything can happen, and although if they fought ten times Silva may win 8 of them, this fight may result in that 20% chance coming through for him. Obviously those odds are off the top of my head but I think you all know what I mean. Time and time again we've been shocked, like when Matt Serra beat GSP. MMA is like that. Still though, I've got Silva in Rd. 1 by KO.
10/7/08 8:12:09PM
there both good dudes showing mad respect for each other and well deserved res[ect at that. but im gonna have to agree it wont make it out of the first
10/7/08 9:27:12PM
Cote 14 second KO

I'm kidding
10/7/08 10:25:31PM
I almost always pick the underdog but god I just dont see how Cote can win this one.

The only way I can fathom is him catching Anderson with a huge shot, Cote has good power so I think thats his only chance.
10/7/08 11:40:17PM
the only one who can beat silva is silva... and god
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