UFC 86: Quniton Jackson ready to get nasty

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7/2/08 8:37:25PM
The remaining question is whether or not Silva can transfer the kryptonite from his hands to Griffin’s. Jackson doesn’t seem to think so.

“I’m telling you, Forrest can train with the Pope, it ain’t going to help him. Wanderlei ain’t going to get in there and fight for him,” Jackson stated to MMAWeekly.com. “Forrest got to fight me for himself. I don’t care who he goes and trains with. He can go train with Sakuraba. He can go train with Marvin Eastman. He can go train with Shogun. He can train with anybody; they ain’t going to fight for him.”

As for his own preparations, once again training in Big Bear, Calif., Jackson has utilized many different sources to train for Griffin.

Calling on his connections from his stint as Griffin’s rival coach on The Ultimate Fighter, Jackson said that he trained with Season 7 competitors Mike Dolce, Jeremy May, and Gerald Harris, but due to how he thinks Griffin will fight him, he called on a lot more training partners than them.

7/2/08 9:38:24PM
How would training with jeremy may help rampage in any way?

is he like black belt in bjj or has some amazing skill he didnt show on TUF?
7/3/08 12:32:38PM
Its hard to prepare correctly for Jeremy-Jitsu.
7/3/08 4:37:16PM
link was dead for me, but Jackson better be worried. If he keeps learning that Jeremy-Jitsu he's in trouble. All those who came to train with him are not the better fights from TUF either.
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