Quinton Rampage Jackson on Wanderlei Silva 3 at UFC 92 video

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11/28/08 4:11:52PM
11/28/08 4:20:57PM
He seemed to repeat himself an awful lot.
"Hopefully ill be in the best shape ive ever been, and my body will be in the best shape ever, and ill be in good shape."
11/28/08 8:57:03PM
Good interview. I think Page has a good chance of winning, he needs to take Wandy to the mat and GnP his a55 through the floor to win. If he stands toe to toe with Silva he will fall again. Also it would suck to have to wait until 3 am to watch the UFC live.
11/28/08 9:46:59PM
That will be the time of it in Germany. Not in America.
11/28/08 10:09:40PM
Yeah i know i was just saying it would suck
11/28/08 10:53:05PM
To me this is the main event of the card. I cant wait for this one, even though I disagree with the timing of this fight and it pits two of the best warriors in MMA history. Wonder who will be introduced first since Wand's 2-0 against Page, but Page was a UFC champ... I'd say Page is 2nd.
11/28/08 10:58:23PM
Thanks for the link man. I can not think of any other fighter that has lost twice to someone that I would like to see a rematch of, except this fight. If they fought 10 times a year, I would get excited 10 times a year. ( and Wandy would need knee surgery twice a year) Only one month to go.
11/28/08 10:59:16PM
Rampage will be second. He has the bigger name to the common fan.
11/28/08 11:13:43PM
He sounds like he is on some anti-depressants ! I wonder if he was perscribed different meds after his breakdown. He doesn't seem like the old loud mouth Rampage. Then again maybe he decided to take his fighting career seriously.
11/29/08 12:34:45AM
This will be Rampage's best shot at beating Wandy, I believe that. However, I'm going with Wandy b/c of his sick conditioning training. I think that will be the difference in this fight. Not to say Rampage doesn't have cardio, cuz he does! I just think Wandy will win by split decision.
11/29/08 8:19:53AM
woah! seems like page has chilled out a little bit. none of that "IMA WOOP HIS ASS" talk
11/29/08 8:30:23AM
the only reason that i would have for page to win is because they fought a while ago so know page is in his prime and wandy seems older than he is so it really is exciting
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