Quinton Jackson vs Mauricio Rua??

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POLL: Rampage vs Shogun??
Mauricio "Shogun" Rua 50% (20)
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson 48% (19)
Draw 0% (0)
Disqualification 3% (1)
7/3/09 5:16:55PM
If this fight happened in the ufc who would win...


And i already know it has happened but that was then but what about now

7/4/09 5:05:04AM
I think Shogun would still beat Rampage.
7/4/09 10:55:02AM
Rua fo shua
7/4/09 3:55:03PM
I think the new Rampage would do the exact same thing he just did to Wandy, KO him with sweet revenge brutally. The old Rampage was just a bad style match up for the chute box guys, the new Rampage with very good boxing I think catches Shogun. I mean the old Rampage loved the dirty boxing, I mean Rampage still does but that use to be all he did which is why it was easier to put the muay thai clinch on him which was his big downfall but now that he uses technical boxing its not as easy to grab him like that without eating a huge shot. Styles make fights. The old Rampage style would have killed Jardine in the 3rd, but got him destroyed by Chutebox guys, but the new Rampage I think deal with them very well.
7/4/09 4:03:38PM
Machida Beats all of them with ease

7/4/09 8:14:40PM
Quinton's leg kick defense + shoguns muay thai & chin = not a good night for rampage .
7/4/09 8:23:49PM
The last time Shogun didn't gas and get extremely sloppy in a fight that went past the first round was 2006.

I'd put my money on Rampage at even odds for sure.
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