Quinton Jackson vs Forrest Griffin

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POLL: Who will win?
Quinton Jackson 71% (27)
Forrest Griffin 29% (11)
12/17/07 12:10:11AM
Rampage split decision
12/17/07 12:13:01AM
Rampage by TKO
12/17/07 12:19:55AM
Rampage is just a beast, its hard to see anyone taking his title any time soon, that being said i think Forrest will give him a good run for his money... perhaps even beat him, Forrest is tenacious and he isn't afraid to sling leather... but that could hurt him more than help i fear.
12/17/07 12:26:04AM
Ramapge should beat him.


I'm glad I don't use MMAth.

Joe Louzon>Jens Pulver>BJ Penn>Matt Hughes>Royce Gracie>Ken Shamrock

Makes sense.
12/17/07 1:05:58AM
forrest is to tough to finish. and hell be able to handle rampage off his back while giving juanito the finger. and hes got good enough TD defense to get by. im seein forrest by fith round tko or sub because of cardio.
12/17/07 8:37:59AM
if hendo couldnt do it i dont see forrest doing it, unless he just catches rampage.
12/17/07 8:39:15AM
arrrrggh another crap poll!!!!!!!!!!! wheres the method options?
12/17/07 9:47:33AM
Rampage tko.
12/17/07 10:18:11AM
Forrest rd 3 tko !!

12/17/07 11:05:41AM
Rampage will destroy Forrest the way Jardine did (lets hope no crying this time)
people are going to be "drinking the kool aid" and start believing what the UFC hype machine(love it btw) and forget how truly awesome rampage is bc he will not have fought in what will have seemed like forever, but Rampage wins easy

Forrest beat Shogun, PROPS to Forrest, but ANY smart fan knows that was not the Shogun we have come to know, that was an out of shape and possibly injured imposter who had no business fighting ANYONE in the UFC....Stephan Bonner wouldve beat him that night lol
12/17/07 11:07:37AM
Rampage TKO 2nd rd
12/17/07 1:57:18PM
Rampage will take it hands down. Shogun came in injured, making his UFC debut, and new to the cage.

Rampage could finish this one anytime after the 2ed round. If it goes to the ground Rampage can't finish.
This will at least be a clear (not sweep) unanimous decision for Rampage.

I see a late (4th) round stoppage TKO win Rampage.

If Griffin takes it I will do a simultanious backflip cartwheel while being shot out of a cannon at hyperspeed.
12/17/07 2:46:22PM
After the way Forrest handled Rua, I would have to say that it would be a great fight and it could go either way. However, I'm going to give the advantage to Rampage for experience. Rampage VIA KO/TKO in the 3rd.
12/17/07 6:19:12PM

arrrrggh another crap poll!!!!!!!!!!! wheres the method options?

Over use of !!!!!!!! What about overuse of thumbs!?!?!?!?!?

As much as I would like to see Forest win I think it'll be Rampage

Good poll by the way
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