A quick shout out from Holland!!

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6/19/07 4:33:57PM
Hey MMAfans,

I'm watching MMA (UFC) for a couple of months now and I really like it!!
Last month I saw the EliteXC and WEC show, also perfect
New to this forum however!!

So about me..
22 years old and Dutch
Standing 6"2 and weighing in at 174 pounds

My favorite fighter: Chuck Liddell
Picking for: TheAxeMurdererz
6/20/07 8:10:04PM
guttah tell ya...not a big fan of the dutch
6/21/07 9:00:28AM
lol, why not?
6/22/07 9:48:25PM
no im jk....u evr c austin powers? his dad hates the dutch and i jus watched that movie 4 like the 679864309834th time...so i jus decieded 2 write that

got nuthin agenst the dutch...welcome 2 th eplayground
6/25/07 12:31:10PM
aaah okay

didn't see the movie.. don't like the jokes they make

Thanks for the welcome!!
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