UFC Quick Quote: Wilson Gouveia ‘going in blind’ against Goran Reljik at UFC 84

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5/12/08 2:09:12PM
“I’m kind of going in blind for this fight. I just trained everything for this fight. For [Goran Reljik], there is no information at all. I just have to be 100% for everything. He’s supposed to be a very good jiu-jitsu guy. Every Croatian guy is supposed to be a very good striker. I’m not taking him as just being a jiu-jitsu fight…. To be honest, I pulled four wins in a row. My last fights I won by submission or knockout. I was expecting a real tough (opponent). It’s no problem. I fight anybody they put against me. I want to fight a big name. If I could pick the fights I want right now, I would like to fight Chuck (Liddell) or a rematch against Keith (Jardine). They are the two guys that are in my mind right now. I’m taking this fight very seriously though. I trained very hard. I’m training very much to be the next UFC light heavyweight champion.”

Wilson Gouveia tells MMAWeekly.com that he does not know much about his upcoming opponent at UFC 84: “Ill Will,” Goran Reljik. It sounds as though Gouveia — who has four straight wins and just one loss (Keith Jardine) inside the Octagon — would have been happier with more noteworthy opponent. His fight with Reljik will be televised on the pay-per-view (PPV) main card, which means that he might just get his wish next time out with a win or exciting fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.http://mmamania.com/2008/05/12/ufc-quick-quote-wilson-gouveia-going-in-blind-against-goran-reljik-at-ufc-84/
5/13/08 12:26:00AM
hope he doesnt over look Reljic....that could be bad.
5/13/08 7:15:33AM
yeah... i wanna see wilson come out on top ...
5/13/08 8:55:54PM
If Gouveia comes up short, he is hurting. That will knock him down the ladder considerably
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