UFC Quick Quote: Tyson Griffin is a better wrestler than Sean Sherk

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8/20/08 8:21:05AM
“I think my wrestling ability will match up very well with his. I wrestle with Division I wrestlers all the time, like Gray Maynard and Johny Hendricks. I came a long way since I started training MMA. My wrestling may be even better than his. I don’t know for sure — we’ll find out. He’s got good hands, too. I think I have better standup, though. He (tends) to throw only arm punches where he doesn’t really commit. I’d like to stand out of his range and pick him apart like BJ [did].”

-UFC lightweight contender Tyson Griffin (12-1) compares himself with former lightweight champion and UFC 90 opponent Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk. While I’m all for self-confidence, Sherk is a very experienced 32-3-1 and probably one of the best wrestlers in the game today. Good luck Mr. Griffin.

8/20/08 8:52:15AM
8/20/08 10:23:27AM
He'd better come up with a better gameplan than to try and out-wrestle Sherk, if he does this he'll lose by GnP / Cut / UD. I think Sean is only exciting against exciting fighters / those who are aggressive. Tyson obviously brings his own attributes to a fight and could win without it being an upset if he keeps it standing but if he goes by the wrestling code hes gonna lose. Your not gonna catch Sherk off your back, not even Aoki would be able to catch him.
8/20/08 10:43:26AM
This is silly for 2 reasons. First it's just a silly claim. Second it's not a very good idea to announce publicly what your strategy will be well in advance of the fight and to illustrate what you perceive your opponent's weaknesses to be.
8/20/08 10:50:47AM
Tyson may very well be a better wrestler than Sherk.

However, Sherk is much stronger and has much better BJJ IMO.
Advantage - Sherk.
8/20/08 11:58:08AM
Sherk never excelled in wrestling. His wrestling has been much more effective when integrated into MMA.
8/20/08 12:13:12PM
well that's the thing. Maybe Tyson is the more technically skilled wrestler, but it doesn't matter because Sherk is the more EFFECTIVE MMA wrestler. I don't think anyone at 155 is going to be able to outwrestle sherk purely because of his phenomenal strength at 155.
8/20/08 12:22:36PM
If it turns into a wrestling match, Tyson Griffin will lose badly.
8/20/08 1:25:11PM
Yeah Tyson might be more skilled as a wrestler, but as was said Sherk is definitley a better MMA wrestler, due to his power and control. The only fighter in the lightweight division who would even come close to Sherk in that department is Joe Stevenson. Even though this is a good match I would rather see Stevenson vs. Sherk.
8/20/08 2:03:07PM
Maybe Tyson's throwing swurve balls...the old bait and switch...the wall over the eyes....the pig in a blanket....the..uh...fat suit at Sherk.
8/20/08 5:32:46PM
i think i read that statement differently than a few of you did. what i got from it was that Tyson feels that his wrestling could be better than Sherk's...emphasis on could be...but that his game plan is to pick him apart on the feet much like BJ was able to do. he never once said he was going to go for the take down and try to impose his superior wrestling skills on Sherk. i believe that Tyson thinks he will be able to sit on the outside and rain down punishment form a safe distance. and if Sherk tries to take it to the ground, Tyson thinks he has good enough wrestling to hold his own in thew scramble so that he can continue his game plan and not get taken down. Tyson has really come a long way with his boxing skills since his first fight in the UFC and i am excited to see ow well he executes this plan.
8/20/08 5:46:20PM
I don't think it matters what gameplans they say they will use (Tyson should definitely keep it standing up), this fight will most certainly end up turning into a grappling match. Sherk is an incredibly strong fighter and has used that and his technical wrestling to grind out fights maintaining top position. Sherk tried to stand with Penn and was soundly beaten, he will not make the same mistake twice. He said after the fight with Penn that he wanted to prove that he is a complete fighter, but I think he realizes now what his strengths and short comings are.

If you look at these two fighters recent fights, all but two (I believe) out of something like twelve fights combined have gone to a decision.

Sherk UD after a fight that seems to take longer than 15 minutes.
8/20/08 8:34:03PM
tysons gonna bleed out the bum .
8/21/08 6:59:05AM

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Tyson may very well be a better wrestler than Sherk.

However, Sherk is much stronger and has much better BJJ IMO.
Advantage - Sherk.

Sherk by Gogo?
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