UFC Quick Quote: Tim Sylvia to make huge announcement this Friday

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3/27/08 10:16:11AM
This has nothing to do with Fedor. Do we realy think that Dana will let Tim announce a Fedor fight in the UFC? No way! Dana would have every camera, ESPN, newspaper in for that. And then take a shot at Shaw lol.

Don't think he is going to announce that he is leaving because Dana will make him wait 10-12 months and then throw him on the undercard of an event.

Not going to be opening his own gym because he doesnt have "it" to make a business out of a gym He has the former UFC HW CHampion title but no other real drawing power for an adventure like that. Not like a Randy or Hughes.

I tend to think if this isnt some April Fool's Day joke, which would be gayer than his Blind Date appearance, it has to do with Mir and/or coaching the next TUF with Mir.
3/27/08 10:38:54AM
Almost every BIG announcement from the UFC just seems predictable and underwhelming. Yawn.
3/27/08 11:08:10AM
Possible Announcements IMO:

Leaving the UFC: Nope
Fighting Fedor: Nope
Starting his own gym: Nope
Retiring: Not Likely
Rematch with Nog: Not Likely Yet
Coach for TUF 8: Maybe
Joining H.I.T. Squad: Maybe (although Hughes kind of dogged Tim in his book)
Fighting Kongo: Possible
Fighting Mir: Very Possible
Signing new UFC contract: Most Likely

I think it will be that he has signed a new contract with the UFC along with some other announcement. Most likely his next matchup...Mir perhaps? What if Sylvia and Mir were to be the coaches for TUF 8? Don't know how realistic that is, but it would give people the chance to get to know Big Tim better...and maybe take a liking to him. TUF 8 would of coarse be a long shot though.

3/27/08 11:34:30AM

Posted by emfleek

3/27/08 12:02:24PM
he will be joining hughes in hit squad, is renewing his contract with the ufc
and either is fighting kongo or mir in co main event in july or being a tuf coach in sept with mir as the other, they fight in dec in vegas after season 8 is over
3/27/08 1:46:35PM
hopefully hes being euthenized
3/27/08 3:59:55PM
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