UFC Quick Quote: What is Randy Couture going to do with Brandon Vera?

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9/27/09 12:32:41AM
“My whole thing is, I kick people in the face, I knee people in the face, I can submit people. Now, if I can go to the southpaw stance, and I’m knocking people out from the southpaw stance, people are gonna be like, ‘oh my God, now what am I gonna do with Vera?’… I’m letting everything go with Mr. Couture. You’ve got to. You can’t hold back with Randy. I’m gonna pull out every trick, everything I know…. Randy’s a master tactician. If he were in the Army, he’d probably be one of the best generals in the world. He’s the master planner. I’m excited. The nerves aren’t hitting yet…. It’s a big deal if you make it a big deal. For me, it’s more about the fight. I’m fighting Randy Couture. It doesn’t matter if it’s televised, not televised, main event, or a dark match. It’s not where I’m at on the card, it’s who I’m fighting. I don’t think there could be anything more exciting than the match itself.”

– Light heavyweight Brandon Vera talks to MMAWeekly.com about his upcoming fight against mixed martial arts legend and former division champion, Randy Couture, in the UFC 105 main event from the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena in Manchester, England, on Nov. 14.

9/27/09 1:23:14AM
well for one thing, he's going to beat him
9/27/09 3:40:16AM

Posted by imanidiot777

well for one thing, he's going to beat him

I hope so but i just dont no if he will a think time has caught him now and Vera's striking is looking sharp.WAR RANDY
9/27/09 11:52:37AM
Time may have caught up to randy but I personally cant be to sure. I think more than anything in the fight with Nog he just had a poor game plan, I for one expected him to come out and clinch and dirty box all day for a decision win and for some reason he didnt do much of that and lost. I think this is goin to be a good fight for us to see what randy has left, and finally fighting at 205 where I think he should have been fighting for a while. I'll be picking Randy for the win against vera but I think it's going to be a hard fight to call.
9/28/09 1:02:35AM
I see Randy winning because I think he is stronger, can get inside, has a clinch that will nullify Vera's Muay Thai. I just hope he gets a TKO so that I don't hear Vera talk about holding belts in both LHW and HW divs anymore.
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