UFC Quick Quote: Kenny Florian 4.0 vs. Joe Lauzon

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3/14/08 10:38:02AM
“[Joe Lauzon is] definitely a very aggressive fighter. If you would have asked me that 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago or even 8-6 months ago, maybe he is [meaner]. But right now I think I’ve changed a lot of the way I approach the game. My intensity and focus is just far and away greater. I’m very intense out there and have bad intentions for my opponents, and I’m sure Joe does too. I want him to want to beat me, to come forward. I want an aggressive fight. I don’t want to go against a guy that I have to chase or that lays on top of me. I want to see it all, man…. I would agree with that, back then from what Rudy [BJ Penn’s head coach] knew of me. That’s the beauty of things. We constantly train and improve. I want every fight, I want them scouting out that Kenny Florian. It’s a different Kenny Florian, they’re scouting the wrong guy. There preparing for Joe Shmoe when I’m actually version 3 or 4.”

– According to InsideFighting.com, Kenny Florian is unconcerned that BJ Penn and his trainer, Rudy Valentino, will be able to provide Joe Lauzon with any helpful inside information when the two throwdown during the main event at UFC Fight Night 13 at the Broomfield Events Center in Broomfield, Colo., on April 2. Florian trained with the pair for several weeks while in Hawaii after his loss to Sean Sherk in 2006 and now Lauzon trains with them full-time.


full interview here
3/14/08 12:51:55PM
Im so hyped for this fight. But im taking joe. not matter what version kenny is at.
3/14/08 1:39:18PM
So stoked for this card, I will be there. Picking Kenny, but hopefully Joe wins so that BJ can make Joe fight him. Sensei vs grasshopper would be too sweet.
3/14/08 3:19:07PM
It's tough to call. I wont be betting on this one. I think I'll pick Joe...(split-D)
3/14/08 5:15:27PM
i dont like anybody who refers to himself in 3rd person, such arrogance, GO LAUZON
3/14/08 5:24:09PM
This is going to be a barnburner of a fight to top off a stacked card cant wait. I have kenny winning by GnP 3rd
3/17/08 1:12:50PM

Posted by BlazinSaddle

i dont like anybody who refers to himself in 3rd person, such arrogance, GO LAUZON

Huh? When did he refer to himself in the 3rd person?
3/17/08 2:34:05PM
Love to hear from Kenny. He's one of my favorite fighters. Can't wait for this fight! Kenny 2nd round submission.
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