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7/22/08 12:15:52PM
According to an update he posted on his official website, Matt Hughes says he could possibly have to wait 6-7 months to fight again, which would mean early 2009. No word on if Matt Serra will wait that long for him.

7/22/08 1:58:48PM
i can see into the future. hughes will fight serra in 2009, ko him in the 2nd round, and then retire. war hughes!
7/22/08 2:52:15PM
woooooooooooo bye
7/22/08 2:54:44PM
That's too bad... but maybe a break will be good for Hughes. If he still wants to fight, I think he can still be a top 10 WW.

Regardless, he is the most dominant WW in MMA history so far and should always be remembered as one of the best.
7/22/08 3:04:02PM
This has been known for a while.

Hughes should fight Serra and then take his rightful place in the HOF
7/22/08 4:01:11PM
hughes imo should just coach but i think he wants to go out on a win
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