UFC Quick Quote: Georges St. Pierre 'always afraid' before his fights but it 'makes him courageous'

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11/29/10 12:57:08PM
I put this in the UFC forum because the quote is from a bunch of GSP quotes UFC.com published and when read in context takes on a slightly different meaning to the headline. Anyway heres what mmamania took from it.

"I’m afraid, like it’s the end of the world. Of course, I get nervous. I always have doubts, I’m always afraid, but that’s what makes someone courageous, when he does something when he’s afraid. When you do something when you’re not afraid, it’s not courage ... If [my opponent] says bad things about me, I’m gonna answer, I’m not a victim. But I always respect my opponents. It’s my mentality that to do this job you have to go through a lot of obstacles to reach where you are right now, and I have a lot of respect for that ... I have a goal in my head that when I retire I want to be known as the greatest fighter in the sport of MMA of all-time. That’s how I want to be known and I want to be known as the guy who made the difference, not only in the Octagon, but as a spokesperson (of the sport). To reach that goal, I have to beat some of the best guys in the sport."


Link to the Q&A with GSP
11/29/10 2:52:09PM
I think GSP is a good fighter but he made of fan of me cause of his professionalism. im not nut hugging cause im not a HUGE fan but i always like fighter that represent the sport well instead of make it look unprofessional. most of the time when i dont like fighter its cause of their mouths and not their skills. take Dan Hardy for instance.
11/30/10 3:10:11AM
Yeah you need trash talkers to an extent, but nowadays they make it personal and ruin the image of professionalism that this sport has gingerly acquired.
GSP represents MMA well, and the fact that Kos has talked SO MUCH crap and GSP is not returning it makes the win he will get even sweeter ;)
11/30/10 10:11:18PM
GSP Will WIN!!!
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