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9/15/11 5:56:53PM
"Skooter, the difference between you and me is that while you sit at your computer and make ignorant statements while hiding behind an anonymous screen name, I am willing to test myself against the toughest fighters in the world, in front of hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, over and over again. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I always come to fight. I've been doing this for the past fourteen years, and I have at least a few more strong years left in me. What have you done in the past fourteen years other than act like a moron on this forum and hang on Anderson's nuts? Tell me where you work so I can come watch, and whenever you have a bad day I'll demand that you get fired with no opportunity to redeem yourself. Sound fair? I've gone 6-1 since the Anderson fight, with wins in three weight classes against world-class competition. Considering my recent success along with my career accomplishments, I think I've pretty much earned the right to call out anyone in the world--and I believe I've demonstrated over the course of my career that I have a better than average chance of beating whomever it is I choose to call out. Whether you like it or not, Anderson and his management have done their best to avoid a rematch. I think I've proven myelf worthy to face him again, and if he believes I'm such an easy fight, why not take the payday? I would not have left the UFC if it wasn't obvious that Anderson was avoiding a second fight, and he's doing it again."

-Dan Henderson

9/15/11 6:04:01PM
War Hendo
9/15/11 6:08:13PM
I don't think I could ever not root for Hendo
9/15/11 8:26:20PM
And me, he is such a likeable person and also as a fighter he is exciting to watch. He fights to finish. I can't remember the last boring fight he was in.
9/15/11 8:51:04PM
Love it. Hendo put that dude in his place real quick. I've always liked Dan, that guy is a damn warrior if I've ever seen one. I hope he gets that rematch because I know for a fact he isn't gonna be scared of Anderson. He may lose but he will come to throwdown
9/15/11 9:02:22PM
Who hates on Henderson? I didn't know it was possible.
9/15/11 10:01:09PM
You've got to pay the troll toll.
9/15/11 11:02:41PM
Troll got KTFO
9/16/11 2:18:40AM
never knew people hated on hendo. great response by dan. love him even more. & he is one of the few guys that has a good chance against ANYONE at ANY weight
9/16/11 2:04:50PM
Gotta love Henderson for what he did to Bisping...and of course Fedor;)

but the reason I am sure Silva doesnt want a rematch what does it do for Silva? I mean really...but if I am Silva a check is a check...but I am living check to check...they dont need the money so they can sit and complain and stall and want what tehy call a challenge...but this would be easy money for Silva...
9/16/11 2:54:47PM

Posted by Budgellism

I don't think I could ever not root for Hendo

No kiddin. He just seems like a guy you would work with at a 9-5 job or something.
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