Quick Quote: Brock Lesnar’s ‘back is against the wall’ with UFC 87 Heath Herring fight

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7/7/08 3:55:39PM

“Heath is a younger guy, he definitely has a lot of experience and he’s a tough SOB. He’s a brawler and brings to the plate a whole variety of things that we’re looking at as a fighter. He’s well rounded with hands, feet and it’s a challenge for me, and I accepted the challenge when Mark pulled out. I’m looking at this fight where I’ve got a lot to gain and he has a lot to lose. My back is against the wall in this fight too, because I said from the beginning I wanted to fight credible opponents and that’s what Dana is handing me in Frank Mir and Heath Herring.”

Former WWE wrestling superstar Brock Lesnar tells the Baltimore Sun that there is a lot riding on his fight against Heath Herring at UFC 87: “Seek and Destroy” at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn., on August 9. The relative newcomer to the sport has a 90-second submission loss to Frank Mir in his Octagon debut, the memory of which he will try and erase with a win over the very experienced “Texas Crazy Horse.”

LINK to article

LINK to full interview with the Blatimore Sun, good read
7/7/08 4:47:15PM
I have to agree with Brock on this. His back is up against a wall. If he loses two straight everyone is going to come up with the, "Oh, he's a ex-WWE star and I knew he didn't deserve to be here." speech. When even if he does lose this fight theres no shame in losing to Mir and Herring. Those are two quality heavyweights and Brock is only in his infant stage of MMA.
7/7/08 5:48:41PM

Thats why I think he'd have been better off fighting McCully, or some other schmuck just to get a win under his belt. Cause I don't see him winning this fight.
7/7/08 5:53:51PM
good find man. good interview. he comes across better there then in his promos to fight frank mur
7/7/08 6:27:34PM
War Brock!!!!!!
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