UFC Quick Quote: Bobby Lashley wants to prove he belongs in the UFC

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3/25/09 1:47:53PM
I’ve had dialogue with (the UFC) over the past few days. They know where my mind frame is. I hold the UFC in high regard and I believe the UFC is a place where you have to be at a certain level before you get there. I want to be a serious contender for a title before I go in there. When I get to the UFC, I want people to say ‘Bobby is good enough to go for the title.’ I would like to be holding a 5-0 or 6-0 record, somewhere around there before going into the UFC. If I can take what I do in practice and put that into a match — then you’ll see a whole different Bobby than what you saw the other day.

-Fresh off his unanimous decision victory over Jason Guida at “March Badness,” former WWE superstar and decorated amateur wrestler Bobby Lashley tells host Larry Pepe on MMAmania.com’s exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio that his ultimate goal is to be a major player in the UFC — but understands that he must first become a reputable fighter prior to a potential debut. Lashley (2-0) looked a bit green against Guida last Saturday night in only the second MMA match of his career, but vows to improve and work his way to the top.

3/25/09 2:25:28PM
it's good that he has his head on straight and knows he can't hang with the boys at the HW division in the UFC just yet.
3/25/09 3:17:05PM
Im glad he knows that he needs more fights before he comes into the UFC.
3/25/09 3:32:54PM
he is absolutely horrible at mma right now, no where near ufc level. not even wec level or anything close. has mass work to do to even get to that level.. but like already stated befor, least he has his head on straight and knows he has more to do befor the ufc.
3/25/09 4:56:36PM
WOW!! That's an understatement,if i ever heard one. Bobby is a good HW WRESTLER,and a very green,overrated HW MMA fighter.Nothing personally against the man,just want to express my feelings of doubt,as to him ever being a contender in the ufc.
3/25/09 4:58:39PM
i think he has the right idea to a point but I hope he doesnt think that if he gets a 6-0 record he can just come in and get a title shot. If he comes in and gets 2-3 wins against some decent talent , then i can possibly say give him a shot. It would hurt him at all if he fought some average talant first before coming to the UFC. I say bring him to the WEC first and see what he does. At least get him in the loop with the UFC then sign him for a 3 fight deal. after the 2 fight maybe 3 we will see then what his potential is towards the championship belt.
3/25/09 5:32:04PM
The WEC doesnt have a HW division, or LHW,MW,WW anymore.
3/25/09 5:36:18PM
By the looks of it, let him get 4 or 5 more victories slowly and steadily increasing the difficulty of fighter and see if he can string them in a row. If he manages to do that then id say hes earned a shot.

Right now though he's won a UD victory over a journeyman fighter. He not quite there yet.
3/25/09 6:35:45PM
i know they dont, i didnt truely mean the wec itself, i just meant as a pratical statement referring to the level of skill there...
3/25/09 6:36:11PM
Love the fact that he is waiting to go to the UFC not just jumping in like Brock did.
3/25/09 10:53:04PM
But my take is, that if lashley gets to like 5-0 or 6-0 outside the UFC. He shouldnt get a UFC title shot. Because he hasnt faced the UFC HW guys. I'd say he'd have to beat a contender to get a title shot.
3/26/09 9:31:16AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

But my take is, that if lashley gets to like 5-0 or 6-0 outside the UFC. He shouldnt get a UFC title shot. Because he hasnt faced the UFC HW guys. I'd say he'd have to beat a contender to get a title shot.

Lashley wont walk right into a title shot in the UFC. If Brock is no longer champ then I see that as a good way to gauge how much potential he has. Likewise if Brock is champ give him Mir as his first UFC fight.
3/26/09 4:37:27PM
Brock Lesner is retardedly bad at MMA hes just do damn big he overwhelmed Randy... and now hes the champ...

everyone says lashly is not ready for UFC which i agree with.. but if your going by MMA ability Brock don't belong there either and hes one of the HW champs...

if you are gonna say someone is not ready fora particular reason apply it to everyone... because Brock is prolly the best college wrestler ever but he know crap all about MMA at this point... when he learns he could be the next "big then" instead of having a "big thing" just tattoed to his chest...

If Lashley does not belong in the UFC then one of the UFC HW champs does not either
3/26/09 4:50:01PM
Lashley isn't good enough yet, but he's got a great amount of potential. Starting out with a solid wrestling base intensified by just being freakishly gigantic, like Lesnar, will help Lashley turn into a higher-grade mixed martial artist in good time. Being in American Top Team will help him develop passable stand-up (probably, gauging by his size, with good knockout power) and enough submission defense to outwrestle most of his opponents. I think he's willing to learn, and I can see him throwing together a few more wins before intelligently taking the leap into the talent of UFC heavyweights. It's good he can take his time; having all that WWE money helps.

I'd like to see his chin tested once or twice though. It's not going to be easy to get far in MMA, period, without being able to be hit.
3/26/09 5:09:06PM
Lashley keeps on impressing me. His skills are raw at best. Wrestling he is fine but standing and BJJ needs a lot of work. But he seems to acknolwedge that fact. We'll see how he does. His cardio could use some help as well.
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