Quick Quote: Alves Wants Fitch Rematch In Title Fight

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7/29/08 1:30:45PM
Thiago Alves recently revealed he wants Jon Fitch to beat George St. Pierre fo rthe UFC Welterweight Title, then he wants a rematch, that way he can not only avenge an earlier loss to Fitch but get the title too.

7/29/08 2:03:54PM
As a Fitch fan, a rematch with Alves scares me.
7/29/08 2:14:22PM
I hope Alves underestimates Diego because he hasn't fought anyone like him since Spencer Fisher (who is even smaller and weaker than Diego) we all know how that ended. I really think Diego will out work Thiago and overwhelm him and break his spirit.

My prediction
Diego fights GSP for the title andThiago gets his rematch with Fitch.
7/29/08 2:16:09PM
I think Alves is on a good run at the moment and will continue with another TKO victory. I dont think he will beat GSP though.
7/29/08 2:46:37PM
Thiago looks pretty mean lately... I think Fitch would lose a rematch.
7/29/08 3:03:36PM
I think Fitch would beat him again. I could defo see this fight happening some time in the future.
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