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1/29/12 9:28:33PM
Is anyone else having the problem when you click on a thread in any forum that it takes 30-60 seconds before it actually loads on the page?

Everything else is loading quickly (well I guess besides the "My Fantasy Picks" and "My Fantasy Bets" links, but that has been a problem for a while).

Just curious if it's just my computer or if others are having the same problem...it's kind of annoying waiting every time I want to read a thread.

1/29/12 9:35:16PM
Multiple times per day I get that same 30 second delay, usually when i'm trying to post something, so i cut the text out, click the link back to the thread and when it's done thinking, i paste back in the reply box. Even if I'm multi-tabbing on the site it happens to both tabs for the 30 seconds and they both finally go through at the same time.

So yeah, same issue. Been gonig on for months for me tho, it new to you guys ?
1/29/12 9:35:22PM
i personally have not had this problem.....and I live in Mississippi
1/29/12 9:41:58PM
It was happening to me earlier but it's been a few hours.
1/29/12 9:49:00PM
I have the same exact problem as TS
1/30/12 1:52:03PM
Ive had a simular problem, what I find helps is to clean all the crap of your cpu, I have a CCleaner (which is free) and that keeps my cpu clean and helps when Im on this site, I run it a few times a day.
1/30/12 2:02:24PM
I thought it was just me.

I'll let DTM know.
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