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4/6/07 12:42:58PM
When you choose your picks for points, Do you still get 10 points for picking the winner even if you are wrong about the end time and method of finish?
4/6/07 12:46:30PM
no you only get 5 but some fights are 2x so maybe thats why you got 10 points for picking just the winner
4/6/07 12:51:28PM
I was just looking at my picks and realized some fights are worth 10 and some are 5, what I meant to ask is do you get 0 points if you pick the wrong end time,or do you still get the initial points for picking a winner,just not the end time.
4/6/07 12:56:57PM
thats right if you pick the winner then you get 5 points then the fight time you get another 3 and then for the way it ends you can get another 2 but you got to get the one befor to get the next
4/6/07 1:35:14PM
ok thanks bro
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