A quick Interview with Joe Doerksen

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12/8/09 3:40:29PM
1. Which is your favourite fight you have fought in so far and why?

My fight vs Denis Kang. Because he is a world class competitor, and the fight was non stop action, with a good mix of ground fighting and stand up.

2. What do you see as your biggest win in your career so far and why?

Hard to answer that one. Been fighting a long time. Maybe the fight with Patrick Cote. To date, it is my only win in the UFC.

3. If you could rematch any one person who would you choose and why?

Pretty much any fighter I've lost to. Just to see if I can improve and come back with a win.

4. If you had the power to pick your next opponent who would you choose and why?

Anyone in the top 10 in my weight class. Want to fight the best. I feel that I'm the best fighter I've ever been and I want to compete against the best.

5. Other then your self who is your favourite fighter to watch and why?

Vanderlei Silva. He is fearless and aggressive. That's something I always want to see more of in myself, which I think is why I like to watch him compete. Having said that, I'd still be more than willing to fight him, given the opportunity.
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