A quick history of Sambo in MMA

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12/23/12 1:10:09AM

Sambo originated in the early 1920s as the newly formed Soviet Union attempted to improve the hand-to-hand-combat abilities of the Red Army. Two men, Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oschepkov, studied various martial arts throughout the world - disciplines like karate, judo and Mongolian wrestling - to find the most efficient way to thwart an armed opponent.

They worked independently through the 1930s. But after the Soviet government reportedly killed Oschepkov in 1937 for political reasons, a student of his, Anatoly Kharlampiev - along with students of Spiridonov - began combining their techniques. In 1938, the Soviet government recognized this fusion of teachings as the country's official combat sport.

I found this to be interesting. Worth a look

12/23/12 2:36:46AM
very interesting. sambo is a cool martial art and i wish it was more accessible to the western world. it uses some great throws and body locks. seems like a great base for an MMA fighter as well. ask Vinc Pichel how effective it is after getting suplexed 3 times
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