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6/22/10 2:47:07PM
how short is to short to fight mma and does anyone know if there is a training area near or around vincennes, indiana?
6/22/10 4:50:32PM
it really depends on your build, athleticism, drive, etc. if your 5'3" 220 lbs your gonna have some serious problems. if your 5'3" 145lbs that's different. look at sean sherk and tyson griffin. i believe they are both around 5'6" but both are excellent fighters. good training, discipline, technique, and a solid game plan should make up for a lack in height. cant help you on the Indiana thing.
6/22/10 7:24:52PM
He has a point on that. It's about your physique, and how dedicated you are to learning. Regardless of what you're at right now, I'd encourage you to try and learn and see what you find.

As for finding gyms in your area, I'm sure there are some there. Google is probably the best way to figure it out though
6/23/10 1:30:29AM
Places to train thread In fact there is a lot of info on various aspects of training for mma etc...in the "MMA Training" Forums
6/23/10 3:39:44AM
you might want to try evansville or terra haute. look around there as those are bigger cities that are closer to vincennes. i know for sure there are places in indy. not sure how far of a drive to indy is from vincennes but check it out man.
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