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10/2/14 4:58:31PM
Hi again.
I have been watching my fight pass again and watching lot's of Silva fights. I'm wondering how many of you have been to a Silva fight?
Was that night different from other UFC events?
Can you share some photos of the Silva fights and/or the weigh-ins?
Have you met him? How was he personally?
Why does he pretend he doesn't speak English?

What do you think of his return fight in the UFC against Diaz? Will this fight be the main event?

Thank you
10/2/14 5:15:41PM
Only been to 1 fight live and Chuck was the headliner against Keith none of the first questions can I answer. The upcoming fight with Diaz will absolutely be the Main Event, and a well advertised fight too...totally PPV. I am pretty excited for it but see Silva KO/TKO ING his ass because Diaz cuts soo bad and soo easily.
10/3/14 1:49:36PM
Been to 4 fights live.

Vs cote in Chicago
Vs sonnen in Vegas
Vs Weidman both fights. In Vegas.

Met him once like 6 years ago

I like the fight with diaz. I'm on the fence if I will be there live just cause. It would be a one day trip compared to Feb I can go for a few days to the Weidman vs Belfort fight

It is main event. Will probably sell out Vegas.
Both fighters are draws in Vegas.

If you like Silva. I urge you to go to Vegas to see that fight.
Silva may only have a handful of fights left in him.

Reason why I went to Chicago. I wanted to see Silva fight live at least once.
Sane reason I saw couture vs big nog in Portland
Wanted Too see Randy fight live at least once