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1/24/07 4:07:48PM
everyone post questions that you may have for the Ryan Gracie camp in Costa Rica and there CR MMA 170lb Champ Ariel Sexton . Ariel just won a 3 fight tounament all in the same day to win the CR 170lb belt. Ask them anything from upcomming fights,training, dieting, and any other questions you might have. Please no Rude comments or they will hunt you down just ask Vasquez.. Check out Ariel Sexton on . He is a young (24) and rising star that will be fighting in the UFC in the near future. This is a new site so lets post questions for both fighters so they will keep comming and make this site interesting. As fans lets keep this site growing and appealing for others. Your Florida Friend
1/24/07 5:52:09PM
I know after you won that tournament in Costa Rica you qualify to fight in the UFC do you know when we can expect to see you in the UFC..
1/24/07 10:01:14PM
First of all, thank you very much for going to the effort to set this up. It's really appreciated and thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this for the site. You know, what else can I say.


1) What is the atmosphere training in a Gracie camp? What are the calibur of fighters in your camp and are there any standouts (other than yourself) who you feel are worth mentioning.

2) You gave in my opinion a horrible heelhook to Donaldson, I'm a cringeworthy guy so maybe i'm wrong but looks like you wanted to take the guys leg off, any story behind this?

3) Who do you think would make a good match up for in your first UFC fight? Anybody you are particularly looking for/want to fight in the division.

4) Realistically what do you think your chances are in the division, how long until you expect to be challenging for the belt?

5) What methods/routines would you recommend to those who wish to start training to fight on the level that you are? How much dedication does it involve, how can your average Joe go about learning and then fighting MMA?

6) Do you feel that raining at a Gracie camp gives you any advantage in any area of MMA? If so which ones? What have you learnt from training at a gracie camp that you can pass on to others.

7) Where do you see yourself in five years time? In which orgnasation, do you feel you will hold any belts by this time?

8) Fluctuating in weight classes? Is this an option for you? Do you feel capable of doing so? If so where and when, will this ever be an option that you would consider, dependant on your results at the time.

1/31/07 11:20:47AM

His Ryan Gracie has awesome has he looks? This guy actullay seems like a beast at BJJ. What is it like training under him?
1/31/07 11:16:46PM
Thank you for your question :)
2/1/07 12:08:57PM
Do you need anymore? And do you have a deadline?
2/1/07 12:39:06PM
It would be nice to get some more questions ...The deadline is this Friday because Ariel can only do the interview on the weekend and I will be on vacation for 2 weeks so wanted to get it done before I left unless you think we should keep it posted for a couple more weeks. Ariel is very cool he will answer whenever we want him to ..
2/2/07 12:49:24AM
Hello, Ariel

1. What are your thoughts about the Rubber Guard and its related submission moves such as the Gogoplata?

2. Here in the United States, Eddie Bravo is an avid practitioner of the Rubber Guard. If you are familiar with Eddie, what are your thoughts on his techniques? Would you say that they are effective techniques?

3. How long have you been training/studying Mixed Martial Arts?

4. Do currently take any dietary supplements such as whey protein, creatine etc?

Thank you, Ariel and the Ryan Gracie Camp for your contribution to Forums.
2/2/07 9:21:58AM
2/2/07 8:44:46PM

Just got a few questions, to get to know you better.
(I admit it, I don't know a lot about you )

1. How many hours/days a week do you train?
2. Do you have another job at the side or can you focus 100% at the sport as of now?
3. What are your most common ways of ending a fight? Coming from a Gracie camp, one would think it's some kind of submission?
4. What do you feel is the "worst" thing about fighting several guys in one night?
Exhaustion? Injuries? Not knowing who you're fighting next?

Thnx for taking the time to answer, and make sure you won't become a cocky bastard when you get to the big league!

2/6/07 2:17:31PM
thanks everyone for your questions ....The answers to the interview are posted in the Forum under News and Updates....
2/6/07 2:23:53PM
Here's the Answers thread:

Answers to the Interview from Ariel Sexton

I guess he didn't have a chance to answer all the questions...
2/6/07 3:26:45PM
he just didnt answer 2 of them, becasue I didnt email him those ?'s by accident. By the way thanks for the link.
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