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POLL: For you, what is the most questionable upcoming Match-Ups
Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson 10% (2)
Mike Massenzio vs. Rousimar Palhares 70% (14)
Ryan Bader vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson 15% (3)
Tim Boetsch vs. Yushin Okami 5% (1)
12/7/11 6:43:53AM
I love the way UFC match up their fighters for this last few years but I think they are starting to make some feeding now,
12/7/11 7:11:04AM
I went with Massenzio vs. Palhares. Of the 4 fights there this one makes 0 sense to me. I can at least make a claim for all the other ones. This one is just baffling.
12/7/11 2:24:06PM
I just thought Palhares would be moving up, but I don't mind the matchup as Mike is a ground guy and he will be testing by Tree Stump.
12/7/11 2:28:58PM
Out of those four, I only consider Palhares/Massenzio feeding.

Belfort/Johnson could go either way
Boetsch is too strong and aggressive to count out
Bader is one of the few LHW available if they want Rampage to fight on the Japan card.. doubt they're doing it just to give Rampage an easy win.
12/7/11 6:14:52PM
think they gave Paul Harris a gimmie
12/7/11 7:38:10PM
i dont get the vitor/rumble fight. im not really complaining but i thought that vitor should get a top 5 MW (stann or munoz) and rumble should test the waters at a new weight division. it just caught me off guard.
12/7/11 7:45:19PM
yeah. That is also my thought dude.

But I believe that they are doing that to create more contenders with bragging right for a title shot.

I dont have a 100% faith that the title shot would really be given to sonnen-munoz winner.
12/8/11 11:30:08AM
I think Bader Rampage cause if Bader get KTFO could damage his stock and he was on the rise but teh Tito loss killed him...
12/9/11 6:29:26PM
Palhares/Massenzio is def set up to be a gimme fight for Paul Harris.

Rampage/Bader is very questionable to me.
12/9/11 6:31:08PM
Belfort/Johnson isnt really a questionable fight. But whats questionable about it is the fact that they gave Johnson this fight for his very 1st fight at MW. You cant go from Charlie Brenneman to Vitor Belfort.
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