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8/16/07 1:13:10PM
Who do you guys think Wanderlei will fight if he doesnt fight Liddell in Dec.???

I think Machida could fight him but Wandy would kill him...... a rematch with Tito could be cool but Tito's already fighting Evans again......... Stephon Bonnar would be another could one..... I dont know??.... IMO Wandy would own the LHW division.
8/16/07 2:06:07PM
i dont think the winner of nakamura vs machida will fight him, just beacuse they are not a big name to the casual fan, i think stephan bonnar might be considerable one, also michael bisping, or maybe the winner of sakara vs houston alxenader(not very possible though, because as i said before they are not a big name for the casual fan), its hard to think of a possible opponent,having said that i would rather watch wand vs chuck by far than any of the other ones mentioned.....
8/16/07 2:06:59PM
He will fight Chuck. Remember Wandy has lost 2 straight fights, and seems to be differint fighter that dominated Pride. I don't think Dana will chance a loss to a lessor opponet, and that will destroy the pay day that Chuck vs Wandy would bring.
8/16/07 2:16:37PM
If Liddell gets too badly hurt against Jardine and gets suspended it might not happen, and this has been on & off before, so it's too early to say "it will happen". If Jardine somehow wins or puts on a good enough showing in a loss he could be the opponent.
8/16/07 2:33:52PM
If Chuck knocks out Jardine without receiving punishment, he'll definately fight Silva, but I don't see Jardine vs. Silva. Maybe Bonnar or maybe Vitor Belfort.
8/16/07 3:18:22PM
win or lose i think liddell and silva will fight in december. prolonging this fight any longer wouldnt be the best idea and i'm sure dana already knows this.
8/16/07 3:32:31PM
A fight between him and Tito or Vitor would be great from a hardcore fan and marketing perspective.
8/16/07 3:33:42PM
wandy is most likely going to fight chuck at last
8/16/07 4:23:48PM
if not chuck then bisping would be a good fight 4 silva
9/1/07 12:21:13AM
thats right wandy would own the LHW division he has all the tools to become the next champ
9/1/07 12:24:18AM
Im thinnking Bisping,Bonnar,Alexander if he wins for the fact that alot of people know him after the jardine tko,Tito rematch would be ausome but i dont think they would want to chance wandi losing three in a row like that.Im not sure this is me just venting.
9/2/07 8:23:38PM
Wanderlei will fight and destory chuck dont worry about it!Just hope chuck doesnt get his face messed up and have a months doctors suspension or something. If this happens then I dont think Wanderlei will fight anyone else I think the fight will just be moved back to a show that CHuck can make!
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