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9/11/08 7:05:05PM
I thought a fight between Ross Pointon and Che Mills was supossed to happen, but I don't see it there, and on the "Vote for 2 more fights" post earlier I didn't notice it either, did I miss one of them getting injured or something ?
9/12/08 11:01:18AM
Taken from Cage Rage's website:

Che Mills Vs. Ross Pointon update ..5th September 2008

There are times in any sporting event when circumstances beyond anyone’s control conspire to spoil the party and this is no exception, as news has filtered out that Che Mills will not be able to fight Ross Pointon on the Cage Rage 28 – VIP card. This fight was always billed as being one of the fights of the night and with a British Title on the line, it promised to deliver. After days of consultation with Che and Ross, it has been decided that the fight be rescheduled to the December event, rather than a new opponent being found for Ross. With the British belt up for grabs , both fighters needed to enter the cage at 100% and this was not going to be the case. Both fighters are equally devastated, in lieu of the intense training and dedication that they have put into getting ready for this fight. A replacement fight will be announced on Monday…so watch this space

Hardly worth watching now.
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