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6/16/08 6:50:44PM
not sure where this goes, but anyway, netflix says there are 5 discs for the 2nd season. I have the first discs at home and I am watching the 4th disc right now and its the live finale and bonus material.

what the hell is on that 5th disc?
6/16/08 8:10:49PM
Rich and Matt making out???????????
6/16/08 10:24:53PM
probably the extra features such as the fighter audition tapes and un-aired footage from the house
6/16/08 10:32:05PM

Posted by ohiostate1016

Rich and Matt making out???????????

But its more than likely a bonus disc, stuff they didnt show on t.v. bloopers and such. Just a guess though.
6/16/08 11:08:42PM
It is the best and worst of audtions. I own seasons 1-3
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