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2/1/07 11:24:35PM
Hey Guys! My name is chris and im the head of Submission Squad...this should be fun! My question is, my friend made a request to be on my team but I cannot get her on! In the email the site sent with my friends interest in joining, I click on the link and it goes to a page where I can invite her. When I do invite her, it already says she has a pending invite. How do I accept her on my team??? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Submission Squad
2/2/07 2:04:31AM
She has the invite from you waiting on her "My Fight Camp" page. She just has to accept it then she's in
2/2/07 2:40:19AM
thank you for the reply...but she actually is the one requesting to be in my camp...i dont see an "accept" button on my page...hmmm I then tried to send an invite to her but it will not let says that she is waiting to be accepted by me...

thank you

submission squad
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