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7/19/07 10:53:10PM
Sweet addition IMO. Next you guys should add a w-l database like sherdog etc to get more people to come here.

Anyways, I'm sure smaller events will be missed/looked over sometimes, but I hope you guys add this one:

Do you take requests, or are the events already all hand-picked? I wouldn't pass this one up with the talent they are showcasing. Just wondering!
7/20/07 9:12:07AM
what eles would you like to see that they arn't going to put up.
7/20/07 2:09:06PM
that's really the only event coming up i'd like to make picks on. KOTC stuff i wouldn't care either way.
7/20/07 5:35:51PM
I heard that Nick Diaz will be fighting as a lightweight in September. Not sure where, but I wouldn't mind seeing that card added.
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