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12/15/10 1:16:47PM
Hey I have been at the gym everday for the past 2 months, and I just ran out of protein called Nitro-Tech so today I decided to go and pick up some more protein, and I asked the guy there if there was a good fat loss protein and he reccommened(the guy was about my age 20 or so I dunno if he knew what he was talking about), so not thinking I bought it, and when I got home I researched it and read that it has low amounts of anabolic steroids. Which I definetly dont want, I'm totally AGAINST THE ROIDS and was wondering if any one of you guys can tell me more about this stuff. Props to anyone.
12/15/10 11:02:32PM
it seems alright. i havent heard anything about it having roids in it. as for picking the right protein, if you want to loose weight you need to get your nutrition dialed in. low carb, low fat, low sugar protein is good but its only about 1% of your nutritional needs. check out parrillo performance for good nutrition plans and suppliments. they have really good quality stuff, im had real good luck with their nutrition plans. either way the best way to put on muscle and loose fat is nutrition.