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2/2/08 7:50:29PM
When I first started using this site you could bet other members rather than doing the fantasy wagering on the money line (Vegas Style). For me and others that was a huge attraction to this site. I know the reasons why you all stopped it due to the fact some people were cheating but is there anyway it could be brought back. Possibly by making it for camps only you get a specific amount to start with yet you can only wager that within your camp and unlike the fantasy wagering there is now make no monitery reward for it. i.e I can make my fantsy wager and parlay as normal yet if I really dont see eye to eye with a camp member we can have a persoinal side bet of 200 (pre season 2).

The fantasy wagering against my friends is what really gave this site the edge. I do like the current wagering system and I am not knocking it at all. I am not sure about anyone else's camp but that is where most of our inside knowledge is discussed and thats where I did most of my fantasy wagering to begin with. If there is anyway that can be done or if it has been discussed and is just not reality to do I understand. I know this site is very open minded to its members and is always open for new idea's. I am hoping it is something that can be brought up for discussion in the future to help better this site. I also believe this would get camps more active and be a huge factor to people joining more camps again its just an idea and in theroy it sounds good. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I do believe this is worthy of some serious discussion. If there is an issue of people bouncing from camp to camp they can not take there camp fantasy wagers with them when they go.
2/2/08 8:08:20PM
I would like to see that also.
2/2/08 8:25:17PM
Betting against your teamate would kill your team's ranking unless the bets are completely separate from the normal betting system .

so basically , it would take another separate betting system just to bet against your friends.

I think it is ok like we are now, i mean, if a guy want to bet against another they do very often an avatar bet witch is very funny when we see the loser having a ridiculous " i love fedorwin " avatar or when a guy have the dallas cowboy avatar when he is a packers fan !!!

2/2/08 8:36:50PM
That is my point to have it be completely separate from any other wagering just an inner camp thing. It will not be tied to any of the rankings or points just for the camp itself.
2/8/08 11:04:11AM
would be cool
2/8/08 11:10:26AM
I like this idea... I think it could work if it was seperate from the game
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