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11/7/11 11:05:11PM
What does the "allow others to see my shared picks" option do?
11/7/11 11:57:15PM
Think it let's you decide which of your picks other members can see in the upcoming event.
11/8/11 2:03:53AM
Where's that at?
11/8/11 2:42:40AM
Its on the page where you make your picks as a check box.

If it was only visible to your fight camp I wouldn't mind using it, but why would you want everyone here to be able to see your picks?
11/8/11 9:15:50AM
If you check the "Allow others to see..." box, the only place that your picks will be visible prior to event lockout is via the shareable graphic:

This is basically for people that want to discuss or share their picks on a forum, blog, fight camp, or anywhere on the net. Yes, there are situations where you wouldn't want someone to copy your picks, but in reality we have several thousand people playing the game at once, and only 20 of them get recognized per season. I built the damn thing and I still have never even won an event or season badge lol, so for most of us non-MMA geniuses it's not a big deal if you want to share or discuss. Note that the shared picks graphic updates automatically when you change your picks.

Also, if you go to game history and click on "DETAILS/SHARE" for an event's picks, you can get the code to share or BRAG about past picks as well.

We still have some other things we may add to it, which is why no one's mentioned it yet or explained it thus far.
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