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1/5/10 5:30:30PM
I was looking at Rory MacDonald's sherdog profile and noticed his first official MMA fight was at 16.
This got me wondering if there is an age requirement (and if so what is it) in order to compete in an official MMA fight.
Anyone knows?
1/5/10 6:04:49PM
Well is states with no governing athletic commission, you can fight pretty much whenever. Joe Stevenson also started at age 16.
1/6/10 8:24:10AM
Pa is 18 for even ammy fights
1/6/10 7:55:40PM
I had my first fight when I was 16 too.
1/7/10 6:20:43PM
It varies from state to state and weather the fight is Pro or amatuer. 16 is a bit young for a pro fighter IMO. This is funny because the first time i saw Rorys pic i thought he looked about 16. i wonder when that pic was taken and if he still has a baby face at 20
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