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1/24/08 11:50:27AM
I'm looking for ways to make my camp (Team Sure Shot, obviously) better. What would YOU suggest?

We already have a team newsletter that goes out after each event. "Awards" are given out after each event (included in the newsletter). We don't carry around "dead weight" (members are dismissed for failure to make picks for 2 consecutive events). Reminders are sent out for everyone to make their picks.

What would YOU like to see from your camp?

I'm always looking to improve.

1/24/08 1:21:20PM

Looks like you have a good camp going with incentives and everything. The only thing is when your picking fights anything can happen to turn a fight around to where you lose points. My suggestion whould be when you send out a news letter is to have each match stats on their and maybe that will help with your teams pick.
1/24/08 2:03:01PM
have diaz in the name
1/24/08 5:48:36PM
Get members who are better looking.

Seriously... discussion, discussion, discussion. Hash it all out on the camp's discussion board in detail. I know it occurs in the forums too, but you get all kinds of bad ideas in your head from the general forums.
1/26/08 5:16:04PM
Great TOPIC Kudos to you ! Im interested in hearing if its possible to better my team !! RIGHT ON !
1/27/08 10:04:52PM
Anyone else want to add anything?
1/27/08 10:12:28PM
It's seems like you've got a good thing going, when i ran my camp I was doing the same thing....if you are really about going to the top you'll have to clip losers that just don't seem to 'get it' and maintin terrible ratios. I never did that while running the WW beacuse atleast they were trying....but not making picks....whackem I say.
1/27/08 11:09:54PM
Cuts will (more than likely) eventually be made. We're just starting up so everyone on the team is pretty much on a trial run for this season. Cuts will be made (if needed) at the end of each season...unless they violate one of the aforementioned rules, in which case, they'll be removed from the team immediately.
1/28/08 7:58:37AM
Change your name to team valcom 2?
1/28/08 9:02:47AM

Posted by Wanderlei

Change your name to team valcom 2?


1/29/08 8:11:56PM
i like it when my team comes over and cleans my bathroom
1/30/08 1:03:57AM
how about potluck dinners on fight night....mmm.
1/30/08 11:23:25PM

Posted by NebraskaUFCfan

how about potluck dinners on fight night....mmm.

That sounds nice
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