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7/30/08 4:57:18PM
I don't have HDNET so I rarely get to watch the show Inside MMA unless I see an episode online. So I was wondering if any of you guys who watch the show regularly would be able to help me with a question.

A friend of mine from High school owns a MMA company in Des Moines, Ia called Glory Fighting Championship. HDNET Inside MMA was there covering the event they had on July 26th which featured boxer Marcos "Flaco" Ramirez who was a former IBF Latino, WBO NABO featherweight title holder making his mma debut.

So the question I have to ask if they covered the card on july 26th when do you think it would air?
7/30/08 5:23:20PM
Probably in the next episode (this upcoming Friday), I'm sure they'll cover the CBS show in this episode (also july 26) so they should also cover anything else that happened in the MMA world that day.

Also, if you want to start watching Inside MMA regularly but dont have HDnet, Sherdog also airs the show, the dont give it live, but they always put the whole episode the next morning
7/30/08 5:47:19PM
Also, a podcast version of HDNet fights was just added to iTunes. I subscribed to it, looks like it'll feature Inside MMA (possibly complete episodes), other HDNet fights content (the whole DREAM 5 preview's there) and the "Fight Of The Week", meaning at least one complete fight every week-so far there are at least 4 fights available. The only downside is they might not play on some iPods, but you can still play them on your PC.

Edit: Actually, they have 5 fights up so far, including fights featuring CB Dollaway, Drew Fickett, and perhaps the busiest fighter in MMA, Yves Edwards.
7/30/08 10:17:54PM
oh awesome thanks for the heads up guys =]

props to each of you for helping me out
7/31/08 9:58:11AM
Yeah, it would definitely air the following week. They do a recap from a bunch of smaller MMA events for the previous week leading up to that episode.\

Hell, you can even visit their webpage and watch old episodes.

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