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3/3/08 3:41:11PM
Ever since UFC 69 I've seen Diego advertising The NBA's Sacremento Kings on his shorts as well as on his banner behind him in the cage. In interviews I've seen him sport some Sacremento Kings clothing as well. If he just a big Kings fan or does he have any affiliation with them? He is the only mixed martial artist right now promoting a basketball team.
Im not knocking him for supporting a basketball team I just want to understand why...anybody know?
3/3/08 3:46:09PM
Diego is from Albuquerque. The Maloof brothers who own the Palms Casino and other casinos in Vegas along with the Sacramento Kings are also from Albuquerque. The Maloofs own businesses, property and have been involved in politics in Albuquerque. They've brought UFC 65 & 73 to Sacramento and had the TUF finale at the Palms.

I found the above paragraph in different wordings in a few different links when I Google searched to find out why.

Makes sense that they'd slap the Kings on there, when considering that fighters are not allowed to have gambling sponsors and that is all their other businesses are.
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