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7/24/08 10:04:54AM
but which im trying to do probibly isnt rocket science. how do you make a moving avitar.... or a video av.? im trying to get the gray maynard draw match where it was called a double knock out. any help?
7/24/08 10:13:50AM
First up is the obvious, you'll need to save it as a GIF animation when you're done. I'd suggest asking for one to be made in one of the threads in the MMA Lounge, there are several people (I think) that take requests.

PS-it was a No Contest.
7/24/08 10:15:53AM
on the pic. thing it said it was a draw... lol. thanks ill do that
7/24/08 10:42:34AM
I woudl suggest looking through the animated GIF thread in the MMA lounge. It might alredy be there.
7/24/08 10:44:33AM
Just in case it isn't...

Just found it by searching on FightReport.net. Someone can probably resize it for you if you ask.
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