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7/30/08 3:15:49AM
I take a daily run and for the past 2 day my legs have been getting real sore (and i do strech) even before i get tired so i just push through it.

1st question do i need to change my streching?
2nd question is it bad for my legs to push through the pain?

7/30/08 4:42:09AM
please help
7/30/08 7:44:01AM
stop running on pavement. run on grass or trails if you have them in your area.

if you are running on a treadmill find a better one to run.
7/30/08 7:52:24AM
1st anwser is, run or no run you should stretch for about 15 min every day. And if your about to do something active or anything, stretch ALOT. (when i go to run, all i see is people get there Quads and Hamstrings.. Thats great but you need to stretch you knees and calves alot also)

Second.. What do your legs hurt from.. Is it a pain that you know you've been working out too long.. (your legs are burning )
Or is it that you know you haven't stretched your maximum and legs are hurting from that ??

If its from your legs are hurting because you've been working out them and your trying to push yourself, then IMO it doesn't really matter. Your getting a workout and the more you push yourself the better the results.
Note: Your legs will be pretty sore...

But if its from a bad stretching routine then definetly stretch more or change it. You can seriously injure yourself if you dont have a good stretching routine or dont stretch at all before putting your legs through such work. Its just not the right thing to do.

Edit: Like the person above me said, when you run dont run on pavement or try not to. Its bad for your knees.
7/30/08 5:06:28PM
7/30/08 5:41:30PM
another question there was apain like inside my ribs yesterday on the right side what is it
7/30/08 7:37:07PM
Dehydration: Not enough water..

Could also be caused lack of potassium but i would think your not drinking enough water.
7/30/08 8:29:11PM

Posted by HMA123

Dehydration: Not enough water..

Could also be caused lack of potassium but i would think your not drinking enough water.

I get that alot.
7/30/08 10:06:30PM
Thanks again
7/30/08 11:00:44PM
When I ran track in college we had to get in an ice bath (individually) for about 20 minutes once a week. In HS we would get a small bucket and fill it with ice/water and put our feet/shins for 20 minutes and alternate it with heat for 20 minutes. Just to help from the inflamation that can occur after running so much (especially on harder surfaces).

Also, you might want to look into the R.I.C.E technique (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate). Running from the indoor/regular/summer season in track really tired out my legs and bothered my shins but I would try this technique (well I could not really do the Rest part, but Icing you shins/legs, using compression sleeves help reduces the inflamation).

7/31/08 1:33:44AM
depends on the pain.

Few things i have learned from professional trainers on this:

if you have pain in your joints (like knees) then you are not running correctly. dont run on concrete as you will damage your knees and 10/20 years down the line you will really feel it. try to be lighter on your feel as well, if you land too hard all that pressure is going right into your knees..

age, your regular work out routines do affect this. i try to ease off from jogging if i get into pain, its not good to keep going at it as you risk injury which will set you back. if you are just fatigued (which some do mistake for pain) thats normal.
7/31/08 2:31:37AM
it's not my knees my calfs get real sore like i did calf lifts or something it just started and i will not longer run on concrete

and do you think getting a better sole for my running shoes would help if so any suggestions?
8/1/08 3:58:23AM
i pretty sure this will be my last question if someone would like to help me out
8/2/08 4:25:48AM
will someone please answer my last question
8/2/08 10:49:42AM
Are you taking any supplements like creatine by any chance? It sounds like you're having major dehydration issues. Sore calves while running are a good sign of dehydration in a lot of cases.

You're giving us one sentence to go off of here so the questions are hard to answer. Make sure you stretch (before and after.. may runners argue that after is actually more important) get enough rest, drink enough water, and definitely focus on the type of shoe you've got on. Actually talk to a shoe salesman about your foot type. A good shoe salesman will ask about your arch and actually inspect your foot when you're picking out a running shoe. Although generally a bad shoe will cause pain in the way of shin splints it can also cause pain in other areas. You will also have to take a look at your running gait. There's a million factors here.

Another thing about changing the insole of your shoe- It won't make near as big of a difference as changing the actual shoe. The insole moves around and has a lot of give. It works fine for walking, but when you run there's something like 12X the amount of pressure. This is where you need a good rigid support (the actual cast of the shoe)
8/2/08 5:28:46PM
i'm all natural no supplement for me and i think i'm going to go buy a new pair of running shoes and ask those question so i don't hurt my self
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