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12/23/07 11:33:26AM
I was set training the other day and i did 6 sets of 10 jabs then 6 sets of 10 left hooks (im orthadox). after i did the hooks my arm felt heavy and i could barley keep it by my head.

When i got home i felt my bisep and it didn't feel right. i looked at it in the mirror and when i flexed nothing happend. i looked closer and saw most of my muscle moved toward my sholder. were there usually is a little divet there was a knot of muscle. i was wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else or what i should do bout it.
12/23/07 12:01:33PM
Sounds like you might have torn a tendon. I've heard of similar things happening with their achilles tendon and calf muscle.

You should be seeing a doctor immediately.
12/23/07 12:23:42PM
did you just start boxing?
12/23/07 3:10:46PM
no i have beening doing muay thai for a while and set train every satuday and nothing goes wrong. it's not like it hurts or any thing and the muscle has started to go back, but just when i try to lift things a certain way it is harder than usual.
12/23/07 11:12:15PM
sounds like some matt serra shit, the whole muscle did not bunch up at the top did it?
12/24/07 9:09:40AM

Posted by jdubs

sounds like some matt serra shit, the whole muscle did not bunch up at the top did it?

the hole muscle didn't bunch up at the top only part of it did. after a few days it has started to go back to were it was. The only thing that is sore is were the muscle connects to the elbow.
12/24/07 1:58:13PM
go to the dr imo
12/24/07 9:58:50PM
i have had something like that but to my deltoid, you should see the doctor as soon as possable, because it will continue to happen
12/25/07 9:14:33PM
at the first of the year im gonna get it checked out. thanks for the feedback guys
12/29/07 11:52:58AM
You should take a picture and show us

But without seeing it, it sounds like a torn Bicep or tendon

If thats the case I concerned that it doesn't hurt???

I ripped my tricep it brused a second after and the pain was horrible

If there is no pain can you move it ??
12/30/07 5:33:05PM
I would take a picture, but the muscle went back to were it was, also it never really hurt at all, and i could move it fine.the only thing that was relitivly painful was that it was sore for a couple of days.i think that it could have cramped up. everything feels fine now and i am back to hitting the bag.
1/1/08 12:00:46AM
1/4/08 9:57:05AM
Weird I would keep an I on it and keep brushing you teeth...
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